Who are we?

See Change is a team of seasoned researchers, community-based workers, university faculty, current and former foundation staff, and policy makers. We work hand-in-hand with communities and organizations to distill our visual and ethnographic findings into usable knowledge for programs and the larger field of philanthropy.


Principal Staff Biographies:

  • Suki McCoy, Managing Partner

Consulting Staff Biographies:

Professional Partners:

See Change enjoys strong relationships with a network of evaluation, community development, and video production professionals in the Bay Area and nationally. We draw on this network when the scope and scale of a project calls for additional capacity or specialization.

Our Values, Vision, and Mission

We value:

  • The diversity of human experience,
  • Communication that deepens mutual understanding,
  • Interdependence within and among communities of people,
  • Growth, development, and change for the better.

We envision:

  • Creative, beneficial, and sustainable ideas, actions, and relationships emerging from ongoing, lively, and fruitful discussions among diverse, engaged stakeholders in families, communities and organizations about their interdependent well-being.

We work:

  • To enable individuals, communities, and foundations to share and learn from their most important stories.

at See Change

See Change has no open positions at this time.

Contact See Change:

8 Colonial Way, #1

San Francisco, CA 94112

P: (415) 558-8662