Business scholars, investigative journalists, historians, authors, and social scientists have always traded in story. The telling and hearing of stories is our species' oldest – and still most effective – method of generating and transferring knowledge. Our brains are wired for narrative.
Our approach to impact assessment rests on these traditions, and is grounded in best practices of rigorous, systematic qualitative research.
We call what we do STORYSCIENCE.

  • We listen for the question our clients most need to answer.
  • We identify all the data sources – quantitative and qualitative – that can address this question.
  • We collect the data, using methods ranging from traditional (surveys) to experimental (tweets, digital stories, social network analysis maps).
  • We use film or rich narrative description to dig deeper, to get to the "hows" and "whys."
  • We translate a complex mixed-method data set into a coherent "so-what."
  • We provide a clear story about what's happening, what works, and what to do about it, whether you're in the field, or in the board room.